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Peoria Film and Media Production Office

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With a variety of ideal locations - from an award-winning sports complex to a historic downtown - Peoria, Arizona is the place for your next filming project. Locations within the city bring visitors back to the time when early pioneers planted their roots in the “Wild West.” The city is peppered with historical buildings and structures dating back to the turn of the 20th century: an old school house, territorial jails, and the magnificent Peoria High School. Peoria is also home to the second largest lake in Arizona - Lake Pleasant Regional Park. With more than 10,000 acre-feet of crystal-clear water, the lake is a gem within its desert surroundings. The park is equipped with group camping areas, multi-lane boat ramps, restaurants, and other amenities making it the ideal area for film productions.

Other popular locations within Peoria include the Peoria Sports Complex, spring training home of the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners; and Rio Vista and Pioneer Community Parks with lighted ball fields, large ramadas, small fishing lakes and splash pads. If you would like more information about filming requirements and locations, contact David Valenzuela, Chief Business Attraction Officer at 623-773-5121 or

Film Permit Guidelines

  • Submit a complete Film Permit Application no later than five business days prior to the film crew's arrival.
  • Submit a Certificate of Insurance with the application. The certificate must list the City of Peoria as "additionally insured" for $1 million occurrence and $3 million aggregate, covering all of the production company activities for the entire period of the permit.
  • Pay the appropriate film permit fees with a certified check. Such fees will be established after reviewing the application and the costs associated with processing the request, including the Fire-Medical and Police Departments requirements and any additional impact fees deemed necessary by the City of Peoria. Fees need to be received no less than five days prior to the film crew's arrival.
  • A Notice of Impact may be required to be distributed to residents and businesses within a .25-mile radius of the filming location no later than two days prior to the film crew's arrival. The filming location and affected surrounding area will be required to be restored to the original condition. All litter generated during the course of filming must be removed every day before the crew leaves.
  • Approved filming times are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Sunday, for a maximum of 10 consecutive days. The filming period may be extended upon request.
  • The Peoria Fire-Medical Department may be present during productions that include auto stunts, explosives and special events. Related fees and restrictions will be determined during the review of the Film Permit Application. A Blasting/Fireworks Permit and Staffing Contract may be required.
  • The Peoria Police Department may be present during productions that include traffic, pedestrian, and crowd control and street closures. All production vehicles must be visibly identified with windshield, dashboard or vehicle signs with the company's name. Related fees and restrictions will be determined during the review of the Film Permit Application.
  • The City of Peoria must be included in the production credits for filming on city, private, commercial or residential property.

Drone Filming Guidelines

With permission from the City of Peoria, drones are permitted to film on city property.

  • Before filming, you must obtain permission from the Office of Communications at
  • If you plan to fly on the city hall campus, you must also obtain permission from the Glendale Airport because of the close proximity to their air field.
  • You must be a FAA licensed drone pilot, abide by FAA regulations and provide the license number when obtaining permission from the Office of Communications.
  • Drone pilots are not permitted to fly over people’s heads.
  • Drone pilots are not permitted to fly before sunrise or after sunset.