Old Town Commercial Revitalization

Old Town Commercial Revitalization Program

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The City of Peoria has identified Old Town Peoria as an EDIS Investment Zone and developed a Commercial Revitalization Program designed to promote commercial reinvestment activity in the area. 

State Trailer Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Old Town Peoria is the historic area between 87th and Grand Avenues and Peoria Avenue and Monroe Street, which is just north of the Peoria City Hall campus. Businesses that choose to locate in the highlighted areas can apply to receive up to 50% matching funds for eligible improvements for commercial properties within the Target Area.

Businesses seeking to expand or relocate would be wise to take advantage of these incentives. The busy Grand Avenue corridor carries approximately 34,000 average annual daily traffic, according to figures published by ADOT for 2017.

Commercial Revitalization Program Area Map in Peoria AZ