Priority Track Program

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The Priority Track process provides “front of the line” and reduced time frame City development plan review services (including civil engineering, building, and fire plan review, permitting and inspection services), at no cost to the targeted industry/business prospects.

These services are offered only to eligible entities identified in the EDIS, as updated, and the EDIIP, as amended, including:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Corporate or Divisional Headquarter Operations
  • Advanced Business Services
  • Back Office Operations (e.g. data centers, etc.)
  • Research and development, or processes which involve the utilization of high technology or innovative new technologies
  • Bioscience
  • Alternative Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Health Care
  • Higher Education

Other compelling advanced industries, such as software development, and information, computing, technology will be eligible on a case by case basis, as determined by the City in its sole discretion.